5 Boro Bike Tour 2010

On the first weekend in May, 2010, I embarked on an adventure to New York City with my good friend Richie Grinspun.  Among other things, we rode the annual 5-borough bike tour (along with about 30,000 other folks).  Below are some images from that trip:

<img class="caption" title="Richie, Samson & Nick departing Arlington" src="http://nickonthebike.com/wp-content/uploads/556_resize.JPG" alt="" Fake Oakleys width=”537″ height=”403″ border=”0″ />


Many of these photo opps occurred when bike traffic was gridlocked (despite the best efforts of New York’s finest to keep things moving)….every intersection on the entire tour was manned by NYPD and an army of volunteers.  They did a fine job, in most places the bikes kept rolling….Gridlock in Central Park!

Mega rest stop in Queens, lost of bananas & other munchies

<img src="http://nickonthebike.com/wp-content/uploads/592_resize.JPG" alt="" cheap jerseys width=”503″ height=”378″ border=”0″ />

Tandem plus 3–wouldn’t want to try cheap oakleys sunglasses to parallel-park this rig!

In some places, things were not so crowded

but then there were other places….

<img src="http://nickonthebike.com/wp-content/uploads/nickjeffbqe.jpg" alt="" border="0" hockey jerseys />

By Review the time we got to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, heading toward the Verrazano Bridge, traffic had thinned out a bit, and Jeff & I got into actually riding our bikes, in the passing lane, that is…

after hanging out at a final rest area / party on Staten Island, we boarded the ferry back to lower Manhattan

Richie & I then rode back over to Brooklyn, visiting several landmarks of note, including the Gowanus Canal, NYC’s latest Superfund site.

Then it was off to Coney Island!

NYC’s beach & boardwalk are alive and well



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